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Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD [Yahweh] [is] a tower of strength:the righteous runs to it, and is high [above danger]. (AMIV)
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The Lost Art of Femininity

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From Cleopatra to Queen Esther the art of femininity always stood out as a force of raw power. Who can help but imagine Cleopatra sitting on her throne without remembering the power she had over the most powerful man in the world?

You only need to say "Queen Esther" and your mind is filled with images of a beautiful queen enthralling the King to the point where he let her sign a treaty, to not only defend her people, but to allow them to conquer HIS!

What kind of power did these women have? It was an ancient ability given to woman since the time of Eve. An ability and a skill way beyond what we have taken hold of in today's society.

It is a lost art that in today's world is considered weakness. Starting with the woman’s liberation movement the burning of bras and confiscating of Barbie dolls also made the most powerful force we have as women start to dwindle.

No longer do we perfect the art, but we try to conform ourselves to a man's world. I remember when I first began rising up in ministry leadership. When the Lord appointed me, Apostle Les had a word for me that went like this:

"You will stand in the fullness of apostolic authority, but not as a man, but as a woman. Your femininity will be your strength and must be something you must stand in with confidence"

The Lord began to show me that as a woman I had many more resources and a totally different skill to what my male counterparts did. I had an advantage that so many woman just failed to take hold of! You see, no man is offended by a woman. But a man is offended by a woman trying to compete with him as if she was a man.

So why compete? Rather stand on a new level that no one else can stand on. THEN you will be unique. Then you will have something others want.

The Power of the Queen

There is a reason that God created Eve beautiful. Look through the scriptures and you will see it time and again. Sarah, Esther and Rebekah all famous for their beauty. This is God's gift to us and as believers even more so!

The bottom line is that God created women to be beautiful! He created YOU to be beautiful.

What is Beauty?

When Esther was rounded up amongst the many other women in their time, she was amongst the best in the Kingdom. Everywhere you looked, there was another beautiful woman. No matter how confident you are, I am sure you would feel quite second rate in a group like that!

So what made Esther so very different? It says in the scriptures that she immediately found favor with the caretakers and servants. It had nothing to do with her looks! She had a beauty that emanated from her like a bright light. Those that met her loved her.

Have you ever met a beautiful ugly person?

They might look great on the outside, but rotten on the inside. Well the King had a good few of those to work through before he got to Esther. Considering that he had a new woman every night for a year, Esther must have made one good impression! What was it that captured him? Certainly not just her looks. He had hundreds of beautiful woman.

What power or what "something" did she have that made her so different? It was more than what she looked like on the outside, but the art of raw femininity that she showed in full strength!

You will come to realize that true femininity is like the raw power of electricity. It is a force that affects people! It is also not just something you put on the outside, but something you show from the inside.

So that is where we will begin.

Once you start to develop the art in your heart, it will start to reflect outwards until you do not just act like a queen, but that you look, talk and walk like one too!

Now this is something your mother should have taught you. It is something that mothers in generations past all passed on from daughter to daughter. Through the generations and through fear and oppression women have lost this art. It is now for us to reclaim it for ourselves and for our daughters. To return to the church the women that God intended us to be.

As believers we can begin to show the way. Just like Queen Esther who was from that time onwards a model for others, so also is the Lord calling YOU to be such a model for others. 

So let us begin getting practical and getting our hands dirty. Let us begin to revive this art and begin to use it to raise up women of beauty and women of power!